Selection for the PKH-UB Veterinary Professional Education Program (PPDH)

Selection for the PKH-UB Veterinary Professional Education Program (PPDH)

A. Vision, Mission and Goals


To become a superior institution in producing professional graduates in the field of veterinary medicine through strengthening education, research and community service with an international perspective to support national development


Organizing medical professional learning that continuously develops itself in accordance with science and technology in an effective manner through life skills and latest-based knowledge
Generating sensitivity to changes and developments in society through aspects of veterinary public health
Develop research skills that support technopreneurship-based education and implementation actions
Establishing collaboration with institutions at home and abroad to improve the Tri Dharma of Higher Education

The objectives of the Veterinary Professional Study Program, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Brawijaya University are:

Producing medical professional graduates as clinicians who master molecular insight to increase the accuracy of medical decisions and actions referring to Medical Ethics and veterinary medical competence
Producing graduates who are able to answer the challenges of building a civil society that is physically and spiritually healthy through veterinary public health
Producing graduates who are capable as researchers, academics, managers and have a technopreneurship spirit

These objectives are related to the technical duties of Veterinarians, including:

Carrying out diagnosis, prevention, control, eradication and treatment of infectious diseases in animals and zoonotic diseases in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary manner
Preserve and utilize animals for human welfare, environmental sustainability and germplasm
Guarantee the quality and safety of animal origin food and animal origin ingredients in order to maintain the health of civil society through food safety
Supervise and control the quality, use, distribution of veterinary medicines and biological materials
Improving the nutritional quality of animal protein, public health and environmental health
Research and development of veterinary science and technology

In line with the function of Veterinary Medicine website, it is to handle matters relating to animals and their diseases (Veterinary function), relating to security guarantees, including not taking risks that could harm the health (safety) both from animal to animal and especially from animal to human. guarantee human health, public health and environmental health by referring to international guidelines and information.

B. Requirements

The requirements that prospective PPDH students who wish to register for PPDH must fulfill are:

Has graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Brawijaya University
Physically and mentally healthy
Not Blind, Deaf, Speech Impaired, Physically Impaired, Not Partially Color Blind and Not Completely Color Blind
Register online on the site
Upload proof of payment of registration fees
Upload scans of diplomas and transcripts, but if there are special conditions (due to a disease pandemic), then simply upload a scan of the Graduation Certificate
Upload a color passport photo (blue background)

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