Where is Lazarevskoye? The Black Sea, Lazarevskoe

There are such points on the map of Russian resorts, whose names are passed down from generation to generation. This is happening, despite the crises, economic shocks and the popularization of foreign holidays. Lazarevskoye is one of them. «Savages» and «cultural» tourists collect their suitcases and buy tickets to the south with a stop in this wonderful place. They know where Lazarevskoe is located: only sixty-five kilometers from Sochi.

The history of the appearance of the village Lazarevskoye

True, the resort was not always there. More than four thousand years ago there lived Circassians, Jihs, Kasogs, who at that time did nothing but hunt. The millennium took them to master agricultural work. And only in the fifteenth century there appeared a great industry — trade. In the place where Lazarevskoye is located, in 1839 during the military operations the Russian fleet landed. A defensive fort was built here. Thanks to this, the attacks of the British and Turks were repulsed. At the head of our sailors was Admiral Lazarev, who, by the way, was the pioneer of the mysterious Antarctica. His name also gave the name of the future resort.

Crowds of vacationers began their pilgrimage Bonus new member to Lazarevskoe only in the second half of the twentieth century. Before, it was a quiet place where local people grew grapes, corn, tobacco, gathered fruits, nuts and chestnuts.

After the Great Patriotic War, construction of tourist bases, sanatoriums and boarding houses began here.

How to get to the place by plane and train?

How to get to Lazarevsky? Everything depends on the starting point of the route. The fastest option is flight. There is no airport in the village. But the planes to Adler depart from many Russian cities.

Further from Adler to Lazarevsky for two and a half hours can be reached by train or passing passenger trains. A faster, more comfortable, but more expensive way is by taxi. A direct flight to the village can be reached by rail. Here there is a railway station, however, the train station is limited to two to five minutes.

How to get to the place on your private car?

For those who know exactly where Lazarevsky is, and prefers autotravel, there are no barriers at all. The roads here are not bad, there are equipped parking lots with cafes and eateries. If you get together, the trip will not make a big hole in the budget. In addition, you can admire the richness of the surrounding nature on the way, and explore the distant surroundings during your vacation.

Housing options

Most of the newcomers belong to the category that is not the first time visiting Lazarevskoe. The settlement has adapted to a special resort rhythm for a long time and has established the necessary infrastructure. For example, you can stay here not only in boarding houses or hotels. In the private sector there is always a comfortable inexpensive option for «savages».

Everything is civilized, with amenities and is quite affordable. Rent offer not only a room, you can stop the choice and on a separate house. By the way, for many local residents this is the main income item, as there are no enterprises and productions on the territory of the resort.

The climate of the village

The climate on this territory is very important for tourists who prefer Lazarevskoe. The village, from May to November, is considered a real paradise in terms of weather. Especially favorable is August. The temperature of the sea allows you to enjoy sea diving for almost six months. The piercing cold winds stop the array of the Caucasian ridge. Even in winter there is enough soft, comfortable weather.

Organized tourists, as a rule, upon arrival at the site study the proposals of local tourist offices and choose excursions. After all, the places where Lazarevskoye is located are famous for their unique natural creations and historical monuments.

Interesting places in the village of Lazarevsky

The Gegosh gorge itself is mysterious and attractive. And the numerous waterfalls that cascade down from a height of twelve meters, fascinate the view and deafen. From the outside everything looks like a giant staircase made of stone, along which majestic mountain streams descend. The place is known as Thirty-three waterfalls. On the hiking trails, the shadow of the dense foliage of the relict trees casts a shadow. Despite the savagery of nature, daily trade of national souvenirs and treats is brisk enough.

It gives pleasure not only to the Black Sea, Lazarevskoe is also known for freshwater sources. The route «Crab Gorge» leads tourists to the mountain stream, which was chosen by short-tailed crayfish. Notice that they are found only in clean water. Adam’s font, Mermaid, Canyon desires with its beauty make an excursion one of the most interesting and attractive.

Not only Russia knows: Lazarevskoye is a place of mysterious gorges and waterfalls. Foreign tourists often come here to admire the unique dolmens. These funerary statues of stone blocks can be found in forests, on mountain rises. The concrete answer to the question, where are they from here, is still not being given.

An ethnographic museum was opened for fans of history. The exposition has items that have already celebrated their 5,000th anniversary. Stands tell about the life of the indigenous inhabitants of the coast, about their culture. Among the exhibits — household items, national clothes, weapons and other household items of ancestors.

From Mount Zhesmy there is a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding massifs and the Black Sea. Lazarevskoe boasts many sites, from which you can see waterfalls, dolmens and gorges.


Adherents of civilized entertainment also have where and how to spend time in these places. Like any resort town, Lazarevskoy invites vacationers to restaurants, cafes, nightclubs. The whole family can enjoy, for example, active fun in the water park. One of them, called «Starfish» is located right in the center of the village, near the beach.

In addition, an excellent time guarantees a visit to the dolphinarium. Sea inhabitants with pleasure arrange spectacular shows and communicate with guests.

Park of culture: attractions and entertainment

One of the popular holiday destinations is located in the center of the village Lazarevskoye. This is the Park of Culture. He is about forty years old, and during this time he was constantly updated, but its main virtue is still the evergreen eucalyptus, the beautiful magnolia.

Almost all the shady avenues of the park lead to the site of attractions. The eighty-meter Ferris wheel invites brave people to explore the surrounding area from a bird’s eye view. For gambling there are slot machines, for fans of adrenaline impressions — «Kamikaze», «breeze» and other extreme carousels. Popular visitors of the park are the traditional «Laughter Room», shooting gallery, billiards. A separate area is reserved for rest of the smallest tourists.

In addition to traditional excursions, you can choose a boat trip, a trip on jeeps, trekking mountain tours. Beaches, which are covered with a mixture of sand and small pebbles, stretched for seven kilometers along the shore. The sea here is clean, the water is clear blue. Basically beach areas are well-equipped and well maintained. There are rental offices, entertainment complexes, water attractions, cafes and restaurants.

To miss having a rest in Lazarevskom there is no time! Do not hesitate, come here!

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