What are the resorts of the Black Sea coast. Boarding houses

«Somewhere abroad» is a classic answer to the question: «Where would you like to go on vacation with children?» Yes, foreign resorts attract our tourists with good service, a variety of offers and often good prices. It would seem that native sea coasts cannot withstand competition with such rivals. But, they are still popular. What is attractive family vacation on the Black Sea in 2018? What are its advantages, and how to avoid disadvantages so that your vacation experience remains the best? Let’s try to figure it out further.

Benefits of rest on the Black Sea coast of Russia

So, first of all, consider positive sides rest on the Black Sea.

Let’s start with the fact that now this Black Sea coast is perhaps the best in the country. It is equipped with good infrastructure. Numerous clean beaches meet the necessary requirements, and hotels have significantly improved their level of service.

Black Sea resorts have an advantage over foreign ones precisely because of their location. They are located on the territory of Russia, which means that to travel there you will not need any additional hassle with documents, visas, saba sport etc. There will be no language barriers either. Everything service is clear and accessible… In addition, there will be no need to further study local customs and traditions, which is especially important in the case of trips to exotic countries. Thus, all preparation for a visit to the Black Sea is, in fact, just buying tickets and collecting suitcases.

By the way, about tickets. You probably won’t need them. Possibility get to the resting place on your own— another plus of the Black Sea coast. Many tourists go there by car, since the roads in this direction are quite good. Numerous buses from neighboring and even more remote regions run along them. There are much more types of transport that can be used to travel to the Black Sea than in the case of foreign resorts, where you can only be taken by plane. Moreover, if you value time, air communication will allow you to get to Russian resorts in the shortest possible time. Of course, one cannot fail to note the presence of a railway connection. In addition, during the summer holidays, the number of trains going south increases markedly.

Whichever mode of transport you choose, the road to the Black Sea coast will be noticeably shorter than to overseas holiday destinations. Distance to the Black Sea is another plus of domestic tourism.

All of the above advantages combine to create another positive point. No need to apply for visas, a wider choice of ways to get to the sea, a short distance means less spending on rest, which means a significant savings for the family budget.

The best time for a vacation with a child

Traditionally, the swimming season on the Black Sea coast starts in May. But that’s how lucky. By this time, the water does not always warm up well enough. Therefore, it is preferable to go here to early summer — in June… By this time, the sea is warm enough, but the air is not yet that hot. Comfortable ratio. In the following summer months, the picture is no longer so pleasant, especially for those who find it difficult to endure too hot weather. Daytime temperature is usually 30 degrees, or even more.

Considering the climate of the region, be sure to choose a place to stay exclusively air-conditioned… The heat often does not subside even at night. It should be noted that with the end of summer, the holiday season on the Black Sea is not over.

A lot of tourists go here in September. In the so-called » the Velvet season«. During this period, the water does not have time to cool down yet, keeping the summer heat. At the same time, the air is no longer as hot. Moreover, the number of tourists in September becomes noticeably less. For some, this may become a determining factor in choosing the «velvet» season for a trip to the Black Sea.

Acclimatization as a factor of good rest

Trips to hot regions, along with a pleasant immersion in the atmosphere of relaxation, bring with them one unpleasant concomitant moment. The human body is very sensitive to changing climatic conditions, so you need to carefully monitor your health before the trip and upon arrival at the resort. And if adults for the most part endure acclimatization faster and easier, then in the case of children, everything is more difficult. Yes, tourists go to the Black Sea coast during the warm season and there will be no too sharp temperature changes. But even small fluctuations can be dangerous for the child. Therefore, before the trip, it is necessary consult a pediatrician, in order to exclude possible unpleasant moments already during the rest. For example, in the presence of cardiovascular diseases, heat will be difficult for children… And the presence of allergies can lead to trouble due to the abundance of new flowering plants on the coast.

Upon arrival at the resting place, make sure that the child is out of the sun more than normal and supports water balance organism.

Which resort to choose?

Speaking about the Black Sea coast, it should be borne in mind that it provides a choice of many resorts and recreation areas located for almost 400 kilometers… It is not surprising that they sometimes differ significantly from each other, not only in infrastructure, but even in climatic conditions. The following comparison chart will give you a detailed understanding of exactly what these differences are, helping you to choose the resort that’s right for you.

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