What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Lifestyle

Remember that the modern lifestyle is a mix of good and bad. You need to know that the effects of modern technology are offering people great flexibility as well as convenience in their everyday communication and general lifestyle.

Most people accept that technology is one of the vital factors in modern lifestyle because it helps in providing an easy and fast life. Moreover, well-developed technology is helping people to gain great advantages in life.

However, it is CMD368 important for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of modern lifestyle as this will help you to know what needs to be changed and what to be thankful for.

Advantages of Modern Lifestyle

Here are some of the advantages of the modern lifestyle:

More Freedom

The modern lifestyle has indeed brought a lot more freedom than before. Be it, women or men, every gender is treated equally in most societies. Now people are broad-minded due to which several evil practices have come to an end.

Unlimited Clean Water and Food 

In the olden world, alcoholic drinks were consumed by people on a regular basis because drinking any form of plain water was a gamble. But now we have access to a great variety of foods and clean water because of the modern technology called refrigeration.

Technological Advancement

The contribution of technology is immense in the modern lifestyle. The advantages of new technology are great and help you to enjoy every luxury that you can imagine.

Due to the advancement in technology, you can now live in air-conditioned homes and travel from one place to another easily due to the smooth transportation system. Not only this, but you can also communicate with your near and dear ones, living in another corner of the world.

Availability of Medicines

Health ailments like typhoid and dysentery were considered deadly diseases. But now with the help of antibiotics, these diseases can be cured easily. People with serious injuries can now be saved with the help of modern surgery and live a normal life again.

Convenience in Education

Nowadays, getting an education is quite simple due to the modern infrastructure and online classes. The modern learning environment is helping students to earn a degree right from their home. All this is possible because of modern technology.

Just with an internet connection and smartphone, you can have access to knowledge easily.

Disadvantages of modern lifestyle

Although, there are several advantages of modern lifestyle but there are also some disadvantages that you need to know.

Rising Population 

Better healthcare facilities, enhanced awareness, and healthy realization have led to a great increase in the world’s population. When compared to deaths occurring, more people are born every day.

However, the rising population is gradually becoming dangerous for the entire world because the lack of space and shortage of food is becoming a forthcoming threat.

Time Pressure

We have access to lighting and information round the clock nowadays due to which we are under constant pressure from bosses, friends, family members and employers to meet their desires. People are now too much involved in their smartphones which is causing depression and anxiety.

Poor Health

Modern lifestyle is the perfect synonym of fast foods. People love eating fast foods due to which the chances of life threatening diseases are increasing like high blood pressure, cancer, heart diseases, etc.

Therefore, it can be said that the modern lifestyle comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. You just need to enjoy luxurious facilities in moderation.

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