Under IDR 30 million, this is a recommendation for a wedding hall in Jakarta

Under IDR 30 million, this is a recommendation for a wedding hall in Jakarta

Nowadays, holding a wedding party in a building is no longer a strange thing for Indonesian people. In fact, most of the bride and groom prefer to hold their wedding ceremony in the building rather than at home.

Besides being able to accommodate many invited guests, a wedding in the building will not make the bride and groom’s family feel excessively tired. Because, they only have to come, then after the wedding ceremony is over, they can go straight home to rest soon.

This is clearly different if carrying out a wedding at home. After the party is over, the family cannot take a break right away because they have to work together to clean the room and the environment around the house that is used for the wedding.

But unfortunately, due to limited information, there are still many brides who find it difficult to find a building that can be rented out for weddings. Yes, whether it’s because the building is fully rented or the rent is exorbitant.

1. National Archives Building

According to https://rheventcenter.com/, the National Archives building is the right choice if you and your partner want an outdoor wedding. This Dutch and Chinese architectural style building has a very large garden and can accommodate up to 1500 people. Not only that, the outdoor location in this building is also beautifully designed, so that it will add an amazing impression to your wedding party later.

2. Lemhannas RI Panca Gatra Building

The Panca Gatra Lemhannas RI building has a capacity of 1500 invited guests. For you and your partner who wants to rent this building, you don’t need to worry because you will get many facilities, starting from additional seats, sound systems, high electricity and others.

3. Graha Marine Officers’ Home

This building is very large so that it can accommodate quite a lot of guests, up to 1,200 invited guests. However, for those of you who want to use this building for a wedding, you should immediately contact or come to the location because there are several terms and conditions that apply.

4. Asri Craft House

Want to hold a private wedding with a garden party concept? Well, Rumah Kriya Asri is a very suitable place. Rumah Kriya Asri itself has a Dutch architectural style concept with a homey feel that feels like home.

5. Graha Angkasa Pura 1

Graha Angkasa Pura 1 can accommodate invited guests up to 1,000 people. If you usually rent a building for weddings held on Saturday and Sunday, in this building you can rent it on weekdays, namely Monday – Thursday. In addition, this building is also equipped with many facilities, one of which is a police crowd permit.

6. Aldevco Octagon

With a capacity of 600 to 800 people, the Aldevco Octagon building has a very simple room design with transparent glass walls. With a very affordable building rental price, this building also provides entertainment facilities.

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