Typical British culinary delights that must be tried in London

Typical British culinary delights that must be tried in London

On holiday to London, don’t miss the opportunity to taste a variety of culinary specialties from Great Britain that will amaze your taste buds. Here are the 10 favorite foods of tourists on a foodie trip to London according to orbakers.com:

Fish & Chips

British food, of course, is known to the world as fish and chips or Fish & Chips. The recommended places are Poppy’s, Shoreditch or Camden. The fish and chips menu is served with peas which are given a charming garnish.

Yorkshire Pudding

This British menu is a classic bread served with roast beef, potatoes, sauce and vegetables. And The Three Stags, Kennington, is the ideal place to sample it.

Eton Mess

Simple but delicious. Eton Mess is a dessert made from merangue, cream and crushed strawberries. Head to The National Café to try out the deliciousness for around £5.00.

Pie and Mash

Mashed potatoes, combined with a generous helping of cream and sauce. Pieminister is an ideal pocket-friendly place.

Bangers and Mash

Made from sausages and potatoes, this British staple food served warm makes your stomach full and your heart happy. Mothersmash restaurant, London will satisfy your appetite with bangers and mash for £10.00.


A type of small shellfish that is easy to find on the east side of London. Apart from being authentic, Cockles are also cheap and can be bought at Borough Market.

British breakfast

Like the locals, breakfast on your plate could mean sausages, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, pudding, potatoes and toast. Everything is priced at £10.00 at Breakfast Club.


Originating from Scotland, toffee pudding consists of moist sponge cake filled with raisins or dates covered in a sweet sauce served with custard or ice cream. Delicious!

Having afternoon tea

The ancient English tradition of enjoying afternoon tea interspersed with delicious dishes. Get classic teas, cakes and favorite snacks at Bea’s Bloomsbury at affordable prices.

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