Types of HR Training and Development for Companies

Types of HR Training and Development for Companies

All companies certainly want to look great, both internally and externally. Meanwhile, in order to make it happen the company needs Human Resources (HR) to build it as desired. However, today’s business competition is getting tougher, so companies must be able to compete with other companies to survive and continue to grow. crsquest.com

For this reason, Human Resources must be able to work productively, innovatively and creatively in order to create the best wheel to advance the company. The most appropriate step in forming a company’s human resources is by conducting training and development programs. So, in order to have an overview, the following are types of HR training and development for companies.

1. Train Employee Skills (Skill Training)

The first training and development that can be done for human resources or company employees is to train their skills or can also be called skill training. This training is also quite often carried out by several companies. This training program is fairly simple, the method can be done by assessing what are the needs or deficiencies which can then be identified through a more thorough assessment.

2. Retraining

Companies can also conduct retraining or also called retraining so that they can provide the expertise that is really needed by existing HR. This is done in order to face the conditions of job demands that will continue to change. So that with this training the human resources in the company can work more confidently when completing a job.

3. Cross Functional Training

Training and development that can be done next is to conduct cross-functional training. This is a training that will involve company employees so that they can carry out work activities in other fields, besides their main job.

4. Team training (team training)

Providing team training to company HR is highly recommended. Because after all employees in the company will not work alone, they must be able to solve problems or work as a team so that company goals can be achieved.

5. Training Company Creativity

The process of creativity training or also called creativity training is a training and development program that can provide opportunities for company human resources to come up with an idea based on rational values. This idea will be further developed in order to build a better company.

6. Training on Company-Related Technology

Now the development of technology has been growing rapidly. Companies cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that there must be technology that affects the work system within the company. If you can’t accept it, it’s not impossible that it will even cause you to be left behind and you won’t develop. For this reason, when it realizes that the impact is quite large, the company should provide training to its human resources so that they are not technologically illiterate or clueless. That way, HR will be able to do work productively, creatively and innovatively according to the times.

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