Tips Before Eating Seafood at Bandar Jakarta Ancol Restaurant

Tips Before Eating Seafood at Bandar Jakarta Ancol Restaurant

On Sunday, 24 July 2022, I finally ate again at the Bandar Djakarta Ancol restaurant. The seafood taste is still delicious and consistent. Especially after not going there for a while because of the pandemic, the fountain in front of Bandar Djakarta can also dance with colorful lights. If it’s the dancing fountain at night, the water light show looks better. Around Ancol beach it also looks better, it’s nice to take a walk in the afternoon.

Before walking around Ancol Beach, I ate at a seafood restaurant in Bandar Djakarta. When I go to the Bandar Djakarta restaurant, I usually specialize in eating a lot, while I’m at a seafood restaurant, so just order this one and I’ll be full.

For those of you who plan to eat at the seafood restaurant Bandar Djakarta Ancol, here are some tips that I can consider and I still use them to this day:

For me, checking the menu before going to a restaurant is very important. Why? So that we have an overview of what menus are served by the restaurant. So when it arrived, I already had an idea of what to eat, I didn’t have to wait long to think about it until I decided on the menu I wanted to order.

At Bandar Djakarta Ancol, I last went there in July 2022, when I arrived, the staff immediately directed me to the food order area. I asked, «Is it okay to go to the sitting area first miss?». She said, «That’s okay, but later on, we’ll come back here again to order, then we’ll go back and forth. It’s better to just order now.»

Luckily, before arriving, I had already prepared the menu list. As soon as I went to the order area, another staff member came to me, I was able to immediately say, big pancet prawns with this sauce and other blah blah blah. After that, they were given a number, and they continued to be escorted to the sitting area. Only after sitting down, the staff will provide a beverage menu to order a drink.

Try to Avoid Meal Hours

If you don’t make a reservation in advance (so far I always come in person), try to avoid lunch or dinner hours when going to Bandar Djakarta Ancol. The goal, so that we immediately get a seat without waiting in line. We are also more flexible to choose a sitting area. The sitting area that I recommend is facing Lake Ancol, this area has a better view.

Know the Ancol Area Entrance Fee

The location of Bandar Djakarta Ancol is in the Ancol area. Therefore, to get to Bandar Djakarta Ancol you have to go through the Ancol gate where you have to pay for a ticket per person and a vehicle ticket. Are Blue Bird Taxis, Gocar, Grabcar subject to a charge for an entrance ticket at Ancol? Last time I went there using Blue Bird and yes, I was charged for a car ticket at a price of IDR 25,000. The officer said they were only cooperating with Grab, a few days later I went to Ancol again and it’s true, use Grab for free car tickets, if the ticket the person still pays.

If you are interested in important information about seafood or the best places to serve seafood. I suggest you to visit the website page.

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