These Are The Best Japanese Restaurants

These Are The Best Japanese Restaurants Outside Japan

So, to celebrate the creation of successful Japanese restaurants around the world, here are 10 restaurants serving Japanese food overseas! This list of great Japanese restaurants is compiled based on various restaurant reviews on community-based websites. The rating is based both on the quantity of comments a restaurant received in July 2012 and June 2013, as well as the restaurant’s usual rating of five stars. The full list includes 30 names, though not counting any restaurants in Japan itself. Here are the top Japanese restaurants outside of Japan, as determined by customers and critics. Visit the sapporoshakopeemn

1. Jourdan Sushi Naples, Italy

This state-of-the-art sushi bar is not only the highest ranked Japanese restaurant outside of Japan, the area is also the 3rd largest in all of Naples, a city of approximately 1,250 restaurants listed on Trip Advisor.

2. Sushi Fusao Almada Portugal

The number one restaurant in all of Almada, a town outside Lisbon, it receives high praise for its great taste and friendly staff, especially for those who don’t speak Portuguese.

3. Sake2Me Sushi Hays, USA

Again, another top restaurant in town! Despite being a small town in the landlocked state of Kansas, the fish they serve has a really fresh and really excellent taste.

4. Sushi Rock Hawi, Hawaii

Located on the island of Hawaii, where many Japanese people love to travel, it’s reasonable enough for a sushi restaurant to claim some of its extraordinary taste. Hawaii’s array of flavors and situations make it the perfect match.

5. Uchi, Austin USA

Ranked number two out of over 3,000 restaurants in Austin, Texas and fifth in the world for Japanese cuisine, this area is definitely worth a visit. Their daily «social sake hour» is another plus!

6. Daikokuya Tempura

After a day of sightseeing in Asakusa, head to Daikokuya Tempura for some crunchy tempura. This restaurant is located just a few minutes from the most popular tourist area, Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Temple. Daikokuya Tempura has been around for more than 130 years. in a beautiful building with authentic Japanese decor.

7. Sushi Bar Yasuda

With only one small table and a few counter seats, reservations are mandatory to eat at Sushi Bar Yasuda. Because this restaurant is very small, guests can see up close the making of fresh sushi which is made to order. When making your reservation, make sure you reserve a seat at the counter so you can watch the chefs cook and learn some of the secrets to making sushi.

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