The Latest and Scariest Indonesian Horror Movies in 2023

The Latest and Scariest Indonesian Horror Movies in 2023


Touted as a substitute for cardio or light exercise, horror films remain one of the film genres that many people are interested in. Especially young people. In Indonesia alone, horror films are still popular.

Every year there are lots of horror genre films that appear on the big screen. In fact, many old films have been remade into horror films, which have succeeded in making us more fearful.


Drama and horror is a combination that can make hearts flutter because it presents a sensation of extraordinary turmoil. Hatching is able to add to the next experience because even though the storyline is simple, the sensation is extraordinary. The story revolves around a child named Tinja, who is depressed because he has to follow his mother’s wishes. When he walked around his house, he found an egg. The stool then takes care of it until one day the next egg finally hatches. But not a bird that appears to have come from the egg, but another figure. Since that day the atmosphere became tense. It is this strong inner tension and conflict that makes Hatching one of the 2022 horror film guides that you cannot miss.

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

The recommendation for the best horror film after that is titled Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. Tells the story of a group of rich young people who have a big party, but slowly get entangled in a scary atmosphere after playing «bodies, bodies, bodies». The rest of the game is simple, role-playing as an assassin and an ordinary person, the goal is to guess who the killer is. At first, everyone was having fun and making each other laugh, but that changed after someone was mysteriously killed.

Halloween Ends

Halloween is the same as spooky clothes and events to scare other people. But what if there is someone who is really scary to liven up Halloween? Terror and mayhem is the answer!

This film is the last franchise from the Halloween series. The focus of the story is not much different from the previous film. But what is different is the thrilling sensation of being cornered and feeling like being hunted which is thicker here. Therefore, it’s a loss if you miss it.

Maghrib time

Time of Maghrib (2023) is the film most discussed by netizens. How could it not be, this film by director Sidharta Tata presents a story that makes goosebumps goosebumps. This film, produced by Rapi Films and Sky Media, examines the prohibition of visiting the house while maghrib. The film stars a row of young actors, Ali Fikry, Bima Sena Nafiza Fatia Rani to Aulia Sarah.

The story begins when Adi, Saman and Ayu live in a remote village called Jatijajar Village. Because of the swearing they said, his teacher named Bu Woro died miserably. Since then Adi and Saman have often been visited by various frightening terrors, when the ghost of the teacher visited them. In fact, terror emanated from this scary figure to the point where it impacted the lives of more than one of the people closest to Adi and Saman.

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