The Best Guard Dog, Very Friendly To Its Owner

The Best Guard Dog, Very Friendly To Its Owner

The presence of a pet in the form of a dog in a house can bring a sense of security to the owner. This is because dogs are pets that are very loyal to their owners, and can protect houses and buildings from parties with bad intentions. There are many of the best guard dogs that are owned with the aim of being a security guard for a building.

These guard dogs have generally been trained in advance at a training center so they can guard houses and buildings from people with evil intentions. However, there are also those who do not need to be trained but have excellent loyalty to their master so they are able to protect the environment from crime. So, this article will discuss the best guard dogs that you need to know.

Bullmastiff Dog

This type of dog is highly recommended for guarding houses and buildings because of its fierce nature. However, apart from having a high level of alertness, this dog is very friendly to its owners. They can tell which one is the owner and which one is not by the smell. It’s just that his face is always shaped like a wild and angry dog.

German Shepherd Dog

The next type of guard dog is the German Shepherd Dog, which is usually also used as a bloodhound by military units. This type of dog is very protective of its owner, so it is highly recommended for those of you who want to keep a guard dog. Although sometimes quite fierce, German Shepherd Dogs are usually very friendly towards their masters and like to play around.

Akita Dog

The Akita dog is also worth mentioning as one of the guard dogs that is highly recommended for you. This type of dog has a fairly large stature with thick fur and an adorable face. However, this dog is actually very good at looking after itself and looking after its master. It’s not surprising that many people deliberately buy this breed of dog to guard their buildings.

Tornjak Dog

In the next position, a guard dog that is very protective of its master is the Tornjak dog. This dog has very high loyalty to its owner, and is physically healthy and strong. Not only that, Tornjak dogs also have the ability to easily adapt to their environment, and can differentiate their owners from other people and protect the environment from crime. And don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by visit utah dobes

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