Thailand Legalizes Medical Cannabis, Which Countries Also Legalize it?

Thailand Legalizes Medical Cannabis, Which Countries Also Legalize it?

Recently, the Royal Thai government implemented a ‘unique’ rule, allowing people to grow cannabis in their homes. In fact, the Thai government will distribute one million free cannabis plants to homes starting June 9, 2022.

Thailand was the first Southeast Asian country to allow medical cannabis use in 2018. The Thai government allows the use of cannabis in beverages and cosmetics.
Apart from Thailand, it turns out that there have been at least nine countries that have legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes for a long time, along with these countries.

1. Canada

Canada began legalizing the medical use of cannabis in 2001, while the recreational use of cannabis was carried out in 2018.

2. Italy

Italy allows the medical use of cannabis, but the country prohibits the mass cultivation of cannabis.

3. Argentina

Argentina has allowed people to grow cannabis at home for medical use since 2020. The Argentine government has also ordered public and private insurers in the country to cover cannabis-based drugs prescribed to patients.


Australia passed legalization of cannabis for medical purposes in 2016. However, the legalization of cannabis for recreation and cultivation only took effect in Canberra, Australia’s capital, in 2019.

5. Mexico

Mexico’s parliament approved a bill legalizing recreational cannabis in March 2021. The country is even thought to be the world’s largest source of cannabis. To legally obtain cannabis, Mexican citizens must apply for a permit with the country’s health authorities.

6. Uruguay

Uruguay has legalized cannabis since 2013. Even Uruguay has decriminalized possession of cannabis since 1974. However, the regulation of the cannabis trade in this country is so strict that citizens must register their cannabis purchases with the government and are only allowed to have 10 grams per week.

7. South Africa

South Africa has permitted the use of cannabis for personal use since 2018. Although this policy is still controversial in the country, some South African officials see cannabis as a tool to boost the country’s economy.

8. The Netherlands

Although the production of cannabis in the Netherlands is still illegal, possession of less than five grams of cannabis has been legal since 1976.

9. Germany

The Federal Government of Germany legalized cannabis for medical use in 2017. Germany is expected to lead the European cannabis market, as it is estimated that more than one million patients in Germany will have access to cannabis for medical purposes by 2024.

In addition to these nine countries, the legalization of medical cannabis has also begun to take effect in Bermuda, South Korea, Georgia, Lebanon, Israel, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, and finally, the neighboring country, Malaysia, which has just legalized medical cannabis. our site for more interesting information by visit the elevationsdispensary

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