Recommended Armenian Typical Food Reviews

Recommended Armenian Typical Food Reviews

Armenian cuisine is experienced as one of the oldest in Asia. Beans, rice, pork skin, and corn are the basic ingredients of Armenian Cuisine, which you can enjoy with a cup of Colombian coffee. You must try it!

Tray Paisa

Tray Paisa is a traditional Armenian food consisting of beans, pork sausage, pork and eggs. It is a regional symbol dish, which is also known throughout the country and even in countries around the world. You and I can enjoy this dish with mazamorra, or as it is called, corn grits, which are served with milk and crushed brown sugar. This sweet food can be enjoyed hot or cold, according to your taste.


Dolma is a traditional dish in Armenia consisting of minced meat mixed with rice in many flavors, wrapped in grape leaves, cabbage, raspberries, tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. This is a summer specialty in Armenia. Dolma is a must have in your list of “things to try” when you are in Armenia.

Another summer dish is Lahmadzo, or as it is also called Armenian pizza, these are biscuits covered with a thin layer of spicy lamb. It’s easy to catch up on this typical Armenian summer meal in the restaurants of Armenia and neighboring cities. Along the way, you’ll find dozens of local restaurants that have been serving traditional Armenian dishes for years.


Ghapama is a very popular dish in the State of Armenia which is ideal for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. This dish looks very expensive, but it is available at any time of the year. Ghapama is a pumpkin filled with rice and dried fruits like apricots, prunes, dates and also raisins. Sometimes, the people of Armenia make it by filling sliced fruit with cinnamon, and crushed walnuts.


The second type of food that can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians is yogurt or buttermilk soup. You can get this dish when you come to cafes and restaurants in the Armenian area at lunch time. This one soup is made with the basic ingredients of oatmeal and yogurt and sprinkled with spices.

Apart from that, you can also serve it by adding egg white or flour in it. This light soup can be tried after you finish the main course or serve as a desert. This is because this buttermilk soup can help the process of digesting heavy food and can be served cold or hot.


Ghapama is a medium-sized pumpkin dish filled with rice, chopped nuts, cinnamon, dried fruit, raisins, and sugar or honey and then grilled until tender.

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