Other Types of Residential Houses Apart from Landed Houses

Other Types of Residential Houses Apart from Landed Houses

Did you know that there are different types of residences, especially in Indonesia? Shelter or shelter is one of the primary needs of every human being. In addition to shelter, the house is also a place to rest and gather with family. Let’s see the article ashley village in full.

Having a home is everyone’s dream, especially for those who are already married. In general, the residence is used as a place to relax, rest, entertain, and also gather with family. In general, what is meant by a place to live by many Indonesians is a place to live on site. That is a residence whose building is separate from other residences.

However, in line with the increasingly high price of land, the price of landed houses is also becoming expensive. Because of this, various other types of dwellings began to appear. Well, here are some other types of houses besides landed houses that you should know about:

Coupling House

If you play in West Java areas such as Bandung and Garut, you can often see duplex houses. A coupling house is a type of dwelling in the form of one building which is split into two. The house has the same appearance, and the size is balanced because it is only separated by one wall. Even though it looks like one house divided into two, this type of house is actually inhabited by different people.


An apartment is a multi-storey building block which is divided into a number of rooms. These dwellings are mostly built in medium-sized cities which are close to various centers of activity. People now refer to each apartment room as a unit.

Common types of apartment units are studios, one bedroom, two bed rooms and condominiums. In an apartment complex, most of them are already equipped with various kinds of facilities. Examples include playgrounds, shopping, and sports arenas which can be shared by residents.


Hotel condominiums (condotel) are apartment-type dwellings but together with hotel-like facilities and services. These residences were originally known in the United States as luxury privately owned buildings such as apartments. When the owner is not occupying the building, the condo is rented out like a hotel. Since the early 2000s, this type of luxury residence has also begun to be built in several big cities such as Bali and Jakarta.

Flats or Flats

Flats (flats) are often defined as simple apartments, even though multi-storey apartments themselves are categorized under this type of housing. Flats are made to deal with limited residential land in urban areas. That is why now many flats are being built in the Jakarta area and included in the low-cost housing program.

Home Shop or Shop

A shop house (ruko) is a building that has 2 functions, namely as a residence and a business area. Generally ruko built more than 2 levels. The function of the residence is placed at the top. Meanwhile, the lower part is used as the center of the shop owner’s business activities.

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