Nine Types of Wine for Beginners

Nine Types of Wine for Beginners

Drinking grapes or wine for the first time can be confusing. This ancient drink is considered a tradition that has ‘adab’. There are certain ways to enjoy a bitter but delicious glass of milanowineclub wine.

Wine has a variety of types that can be grouped into nine categories based on style. By drinking these nine types of wine, a beginner can get an idea of the wines that exist throughout the world.

However, when tasting all these types, it is best to have a time span between one and the other, in order to better understand the differences in wine.

1. Sparkling Wine

The most famous type of sparkling wine is Champange. This type of wine has quite a high amount of carbon dioxide as a result of fermentation or injection. Sparkling wine is usually white or yellowish in color, but there are red ones such as Italian Brachetto, Shiraz from Australia, and Azerbaijani which is made from Madrasa grapes.

2. Light-Bodied White Wine

This type of wine is light, easy to drink, and is one of the most frequently sold dry white wines in the world. The shape is similar to beer but made from grapes. This type of wine is suitable for those who like savory food with a strong herbal taste.

3. Full-bodied White Wine

This type of wine is very suitable for red wine lovers because its taste is rich but smooth. This type is different from white wine because it involves aging winemaking techniques using oak barrels. The technique is the same as aged whiskey, but the wine has a softer character.

4. Aromatic White Wine

This type of drink is one of the oldest types of wine in the world. It is said that Cleopatra was famous for loving this type of wine which originated from Greece. This wine has an explosive sensation, fragrance and fragrant aroma.

5. Rose

This type of wine has a red color but is lighter than red wine. This happens because the color of rose wine is obtained from the grape skins which are soaked with the juice for several days. Rose became famous in France in the 1700s after the country imported this type from England. In Harry Potter Land, rose wine is called claret, thanks to its color.

6. Light-Bodied Red Wine

This type of wine is red wine which has a very light color. The taste is also ‘thinner’ than older wines. This wine feels sour and dry in the mouth, almost the same as putting a tea bag on the tongue.

7. Medium-Bodied Red Wine

This wine is also called food wine. This wine offers thousands of flavors with a balance of acidity that makes it pair well with a wide variety of foods, from fresh salads to lasagna loaded with cheese.

8. Full-Bodied Red Wine

This type is the darkest, strongest, and contains the most tannins of all types of red wine. Tannin may taste foreign, but this substance binds to proteins in the mouth and creates the bitter-sweet sensation that makes this drink so popular. This effect is what causes this wine to be a complement to full-fat and juicy steaks such as ribeye.

9. Dessert Wine

In the late 1800s, sweet wines were more popular than dry wines, some even more like syrup than wine. However, many dessert wines are currently available from dry to sweet, and some are considered ‘hard’ wines, usually including aromatic wines.

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