Most Extreme Ice Cream Variants in the World, Are You Sure You Want to Try?

Most Extreme Ice Cream Variants in the World, Are You Sure You Want to Try?

Apart from chocolate or candy, ice cream is also a dessert that is popular with many people. This dessert provides a cold sensation and creamy taste when eaten.

Ice cream offers many delicious flavors. Starting from chocolate, strawberry, melon, vanilla, avocado, peanut, and many more flavors. But what happens if the ice cream you usually eat offers the most extreme flavors and is made from ingredients you never imagined before?

1. Raw horse meat flavored ice cream

Reporting from foster freeze ceres ca Japan or the Land of the Rising Sun is indeed the center of innovation and sells various unique knick-knacks, including ice cream variants. There, there is ice cream with the taste of raw horse meat.

According to local Japanese media, Basashi Ice is vanilla-flavored ice cream mixed with raw horse meat. How does it feel? One blogger said that the taste of basashi ice is unique, the texture is soft, and there are pieces of horse meat. Even though it tastes strange, this ice cream has many fans.

2. Fried noodle flavored ice cream

Turning to Indonesia, one of the noodle producers created innovation in the culinary world, namely fried noodle flavored ice cream. This unique ice cream variant was launched on April 1 2023 and combines the flavors of Choc Rocks and Indomie Goreng products.

According to the Senior Brand Manager of Indofood Ice Cream, this fried noodle ice cream is targeted at lovers of salty desserts. In terms of basic ingredients, this ice cream is made from a combination of whey protein, milk and chocolate.

Uniquely, the topping used for this ice cream is instant noodle crumbs. So, does it taste similar to fried noodles? Apparently, it tastes sweet, creamy, and somewhat similar to eating fried Indomie. Have you tried it?

3. Squid ink flavored ice cream

Squids use their ink as a form of protection against enemies. However, squid ink can be used to make delicious and good food for health, such as ice cream.

Yup, Japan, which always innovates with everything, has also released a squid ink variant of ice cream. Quoting detikFood, Ikasumi ice cream or squid ink has a slightly fishy taste and a dark black color. Has anyone tried it?

4. Breast milk flavored ice cream

Fly to the European continent, specifically London. You will find one of the most extreme and eccentric ice cream variants, namely breast milk flavor. Based on data from the BBC, a mother named Hiley was breastfeeding and sold her breast milk to an ice cream shop.

The breast milk is sold for GBP 15 or around IDR 260 thousand per 10 ounces. This ice cream is called Royal Baby Gaga. Ice cream is packaged with a picture of a woman who looks like Kate Middleton.

Breast milk ice cream is made from donations from mothers in the UK and meets hospital standards. In order to produce the right and delicious taste, breast milk is mixed with Madagascar vanilla.

5. Octopus flavored ice cream

As one of the seafood that is very popular with Japanese people, octopus is also the most extreme ice cream variant in the world. The reason is, octopus meat flavored ice cream is made from a combination of vanilla ice cream and octopus tentacles.

Japanese people like to eat octopus meat, especially the tentacles and to add to the authenticity of this octopus meat, the ice cream is equipped with pieces of whole octopus meat.

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