Interesting Austrian Foods to Try

Interesting Austrian Foods to Try

Tourists know Austria because this country has beautiful natural scenery and classical music. However, apart from being attractive as a tourist destination, this country also has interesting typical food.

In general, a typical Austrian meal is full of cheese, meat and carbohydrate-rich foods such as tafelspitz and germknödel. Austrian cuisine is often associated with the cuisine of the city of Vienna, which has been heavily influenced by the Austro-Hungarian Empire for centuries. What are the culinary delights of the country where Mozart was born? Come on, take a look at the following review!

Wiener Schnitzel

Talking about Austria would not be complete without discussing this typical Austrian food. The famous Wiener Schnitzel. Wiener schnitzel in German means «Viennese cutlet». This is one of the most traditional and representative foods in Austria. In fact, the definition of this dish is strictly protected by Austrian law.

Wiener schnitzel should be made from veal. If it is made using other types of meat, the food cannot technically be called Wiener schnitzel. The roots of this dish are not to be found in Vienna but in Venice. Since the sixteenth century Italian chefs have fried meat covered in breadcrumbs.

Before that the Jewish population in Constantinople also did the same thing. According to legend, this type of fried meat was brought to Austria by the Austrian field commander Count Radetzky around 1857. During the late imperial era, Austrian chefs perfected the recipe and produced the Wiener schnitzel that many people know today.


Although tafelspitz is currently one of the most popular Austrian specialties. This delicious dish of boiled beef was once served only to rulers. This dish was Emperor Franz Joseph I’s favorite food.

According to an imperial cookbook published in 1912, tafelspitz was a standard meal at court and the king’s private table was never devoid of this delicious piece of boiled beef. Literally tafelspitz means end [of meat] for the table.

Although the name refers to the cut from the upper hind end of the cow just below the tail, some cooks prefer to choose the chuck or sampil for this dish. Meanwhile, the best and tastiest part of the meat comes from the leg cut called beinfleisch.

Regardless of the type of cut, the meat is always braised with root vegetables using the slow cooking method. You can also add some chicken pieces and marrow bones to the mixture. The contents of the pot are filtered continuously to produce a clear broth.

Generally tafelspitz is eaten as a separate dish. The first is broth which is served hot using a broth cup. The second is tender beef slices and is usually served with carrots, potatoes and soft apple radishes and chive sauce.


This typical Austrian food is a dish with a delicious savory taste. Kasnocken is believed to be a menu that originates from the Pinzgau region, Austria. This food combines dumpling dough mixed with cheese, onions and eggs.

The characteristic of Kasnocken is that it is a dish cooked using the typical cheese of its place of origin, namely Pinzgauer Bierkäse cheese which has a quite strong aroma and mild taste. Kasnocken is a typical dish that can be enjoyed at any time.


Millirahmstrudel or milk cream strudel is a nicolettis restaurant menu which is included in the pastry type. Being one of the mainstays of the many typical Austrian food menus, this cake will whet the appetite of sweet taste lovers.

Millirahmstrudel is usually enjoyed as a dessert. Made from milk cream, phyllo dough, and various other ingredients, this cake is usually enjoyed while it is still warm with the addition of vanilla sauce.

Wachauer Marillenknodel

Wachauer marillenknodel is a type of dumpling or dumpling typical of Austria. This classic dish is made from Wachau apricots covered in dumpling dough. After being wrapped in wonton skin, Wachauer marillenknodel will be coated in breadcrumbs which have previously been fried in butter first.

From the appearance of this dish, it looks like a dessert menu, but on the contrary, Wachauer marillenknodel is the main dish. The combination of savory and slightly sweet is one of the interesting flavors of this typical Austrian food.

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