Halal Chinese Food that Can Be Enjoyed with the Family

Halal Chinese Food that Can Be Enjoyed with the Family

Hello Nibblers, let’s discuss about halal Chinese food choices that you can enjoy with your family. For some people, especially Muslims, when you hear about Chinese food, what comes to mind is doubt about eating it. This doubt is because traditionally, Chinese cuisine uses many ingredients that are prohibited for consumption in Islam. But don’t worry, if you explore more deeply, there are lots of halal Chinese food choices that are well known for their delicacy in Indonesia. Come on, let’s see what halal Chinese food you can make a choice.


According to dan gui sichuan cuisine, capcay is the name of a Chinese-Indonesian dish consisting of many kinds of vegetables cooked by boiling (gravy) or stir-frying. The origin of this dish is a variation of a Fujian specialty. Quoted from Endeus TV, the name capcay is taken from the Hokkien dialect which means «many kinds» because it consists of various kinds of vegetables. Capcay cuisine is no longer a special dish in typical Chinese restaurants. This vegetable menu has become home cooking for Indonesian families. Regarding the halal status, it can be relatively guaranteed, but if you are in doubt, you can directly ask the seller when buying.

Kwetiaw and Bakmie

Kwetiaw and noodles are generally sold together at Chinese food restaurants. Both are indeed one of the most famous Chinese specialties in Indonesia. The difference between the two foods is only in texture, ingredients and shape. Kwetiaw has a wide, chewy texture and is made from rice. Many variations of noodles and kwetiaw from halal to non-halal. For those of you who want to taste halal noodle and kwetiaw culinary delights with an authentic Chinese taste, you can try the Kwetiaw Sapi 78 and Kwetiaw Sapi Aciap restaurants in the Mangga Besar area, Jakarta.


Bakpao aka Chinese bun, is another Chinese food that is very popular in Indonesia. The word bakpao that is known to our society today comes from the language of the Hokkien tribe, namely bak which means meat and pao which means package. Originally the meat used was pork, but because this food has been integrated into the local culture, pork has been replaced by many ingredients. Today’s buns are generally filled with chicken, green beans, and even chocolate.

Hainanese rice

Hainanese rice is a typical halal Chinese dish and can be enjoyed by various groups. This dish was brought in by immigrants from Hainan Island, in parts of South China. The delicious Hainanese rice comes from the use of chicken stock and spices in the rice cooking process. Besides being famous in Indonesia, this dish is also Singapore’s national dish, you know.


Fuyunghai is a type of omelette or Chinese omelette. Fuyunghai eaten with sweet tamarind sauce usually made from tomatoes and green peas, but there’s also a sauce accompanied with pieces of pineapple in it. Indeed, traditionally, this recipe includes pork in the egg mixture, but various variations in Indonesia have been made halal.

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