Famous Indian Food with Delicious Taste

Famous Indian Food with Delicious Taste

Typical Indian food can be found anywhere, not just in India. For those of you who are curious about Indian food, there are many choices of Indian food that you can try. Starting from food with a full menu, street food snacks, snacks, and so on. click here

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular Indian specialties in other countries. There is a philosophy behind its unique name. This dish goes through a process called tandoori, which is a way of cooking food ingredients by making the spices perfectly absorbed, then baking in a high temperature oven or up to 300o Celsius. Because the oven used is too hot, tandoori chicken is usually skewered with a long iron. This cooking method has been used by other countries for the main ingredient other than chicken.

This dish has a delicious taste because it uses a variety of selected herbs and spices, such as garam masala, powdered salt, mustard oil, chili powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, yogurt and kasoori methi (a typical Indian spice).


This typical Indian bread is actually very popular and worldwide. Naan is a typical Indian flatbread made from yeast flour. After that, the yeast flour is mixed with milk, sugar, salt and garlic, stirring until smooth. Then the dough was cooked using a tandoor, a typical Indian oven. This bread has a soft, soft, and slightly chewy texture. Naan itself is one of the staple foods of India which is usually served with tandoori chicken or used as skin for all types of kebabs.

Rogan Josh

If you are a fan of spicy food, rogan josh is one of the typical Indian dishes that you must taste. Rogan josh is a dish that is popular for its spicy taste that burns the tongue because it uses Kashmiri chili which is one of the hottest chilies in the world. Meanwhile, the protein used in this dish uses lamb cooked with bay leaves, coriander, pepper, yogurt and other spices. The spicy taste with soft lamb and the savory Indian spices will spoil your tongue when you eat this dish.


If at first Indian specialties were usually made from meat, this time you have to try dhokla which is a typical Indian vegetarian snack. The basic ingredients of this dish consist of various kinds of vegetables with flour or it can be with various other spices such as citron, salt, sugar and turmeric powder which are then steamed. Dhokla is usually served as an appetizer or a coffee companion for breakfast.

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