Delicious Turkish Food & Dishes that Everyone Must Try in Turkey

Some people eat to satisfy their hunger, while some eat to get along with the aroma of the food. No matter who you are, you will experience the richness and freshness of Turkish food when in Turkey. The greatness of Turkish cuisine comes from the legacy, longevity, and diversity left by the imperial kitchen. While roaming the market streets of Turkey, you will drool over the smell of Turkish delicacies in every nook and corner. It will make you stop by the shop and try something from the menu to get an otherworldly taste.

Be it appetizers, main courses, desserts, agata juices, or drinks, Turkish food will mesmerize your taste buds. You will crave more with every bite. Turkey will offer an incredible gastronomical experience for everyone visiting this marvelously-rich country. If you are in Turkey, there are many flavourful cuisines awaiting you. There is a vast array of Turkish specialties, which is more than Kebabs, Doners, and Koftas. If your food-loving soul wants to know what all you can eat in Turkey, read through every line of this blog. We have curated a list of the 20 Best Turkish Foods.

Most Popular Turkish Foods & Cuisine

If you are a gastronome and vacationing in Turkey, you should gorge on delectable Turkish cuisine. Here’s the list of all the finest things to eat in Turkey:

1. Köfte (Meatballs)

Köfte is a Turkey version of meatballs. These are meatballs or patties made of gently cooked ground lamb or beef and served as wraps with salad & pita bread. You can even have them with rice and winter salad on the side. There is also a vegetarian version of Köfte made with chickpeas and vegetables if you are a vegetarian. Köfte is one of the best Turkish foods that cater to a wide range of palates and people.

2. Lahmacun (Flat Pizza)

Lahmacun is a Turkish flatbread pizza, vastly famous across the country as street food or kebab appetizer. This flatbread pizza is offered with a minced meat topping, salad, and lemon juice on the bread. Lahmacun is full of flavors that you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating it. It has different Mediterranean spices that make it a Turkish delicacy. It is the delicious Turkish food that you can find anywhere in the country.

3. Sis Kebabs

Sis Kebabs is the most famous Turkish Cuisine. The Kebabs, which are popular throughout the world, originated in Turkey. This Turkish dish consists the pieces of meat cooked on hot charcoal. In addition, it also contains perfectly cooked, marinated skewered lamb or beef cubes served with rice, salad, and thin bread or wrapped up in a delicate sheet of flatbread. Sis Kebab is Turkey’s delight that Turkish people have brought to cities and countries worldwide.

4. Manti (Dumplings)

Manti is a fried or boiled dumpling with beef or lamb filling accompanied by various spices. This cuisine is a Turkish version of Italian ravioli that will please your taste buds. The manti is one of the best Turkish foods you will ever try. The spiced meat will dissolve in your mouth, and the garlic tomato sauce with plates of ravioli will kick open your taste buds. This traditional Turkish dish is made in every household in Turkey.

5. Döner

Döner is a Turkish food option if you love meat sandwiches and subs. The chef in Turkey made this classic Kebab sandwich with simmered chicken, lamb, or beef meat. Döner serves with spices, vegetables, and garlic yogurt. Its richness and fresh flavors are packed inside the pita bread. To get the instant taste, try it with traditional Turkey dips. This dish is healthy and full of nutrition that you won’t feel guilty of gorging on Döners. If you are in Turkey, don’t miss out on trying this Turkish dish.

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