Contemporary Teenage Birthday Decoration Ideas

Contemporary Teenage Birthday Decoration Ideas

Decorations are usually the most important thing if we want to surprise our child on his birthday. There’s no need for fancy decorations, as long as it’s enough to provide a simple design, it will give a deep meaning to him. Apart from that, it is also important that the decoration planning does not make it difficult for us to allocate time to take care of food, cakes, gifts, and much more.

It’s also important to know that we don’t need to spend a lot of money to rent a location for a birthday event, you can even do it from home, what’s more, it’s safer and more comfortable to hold an event at home during the COVID-19 pandemic like this.

There are so many fun teenage birthday party ideas that are practical and of course still have a festive feel. Come on, take a peek at the following contemporary birthday decorations for teenagers.

1. Create an Online Party

Get an unforgettable birthday experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though we are still experiencing a pandemic, teenagers’ birthday decorations can be created online.

Create an online-based event, including digital themed invitations and setting up a digital platform for gathering. This way, children can still meet and celebrate birthdays with many people. Of course it’s safer and more comfortable at home, right?

2. Hold Virtual Games

The next teenage birthday decoration idea is to pay attention to virtual games. Generally, the games that teenagers like are playing favorite songs, guessing dances, and syllable puzzles. You can discuss this with your child so they understand what they want. A number of quizzes related to birthday events are also a favorite among teenagers. Doesn’t this idea seem more challenging?

3. 70s Era Theme

Theme is certainly one thing to pay attention to when decorating teenagers’ birthdays. How about taking a 1970s decoration theme? Usually, this year is synonymous with lively parties and sparkling disco balls accompanied by soundtracks from iconic films of that era, for example Boogie Wonderland.

4. Glamorous Theme

Teenagers’ desires will certainly never run out. How about a teenager’s birthday decoration with a glamorous theme? It doesn’t need to be luxurious and expensive, this decoration can be easily created at home, for example by using existing items such as balloons, colorful ribbon decorations, birthday hats, and provided photo backdrops.

5. Beach Party Theme

This is the next contemporary birthday decoration idea for teenagers. Beach themed or Hawaiian style parties are always popular among teenagers. Tired of not being able to go on holiday during the pandemic? Come on, let’s move this «beach» into our house.

6. Home Theater Party

If you have a large enough area at home, use it to create a home theater party. You don’t always use a large projector, nowadays there are many online stores that sell mini projectors. This teenage birthday decoration is suitable for children aged 15–18 years who like more intimate birthday events.

7. Princess Party

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to also like princess party themes. These contemporary teenage birthday decorations can be adapted to your child’s favorite princess character, from Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Ariel, or Maleficient. Throw a small party at home with colorful decorations like in a royal palace. This birthday clothing or costume is one of the most important things. Because princess costumes have various shapes, colors and types. Of course, this idea will make the flow of the event even more exciting.

8. Mystical Party

Today’s teenagers also seem to like things related to divination, tarot or magic. So, that’s why we can try decorating children’s birthdays with a mystical theme, namely with black shades and supporting decorations such as tarot cards, wizard hats, birthday candles, crystal balls, and many more and click here.

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