A Warm Spring Afternoon as the Lunch Hour

A Warm Spring Afternoon as the Lunch Hour

bread and water wi uses a conventional oven, and apparently the pie cooks on a screen or a screened tray. Despite that dubious technique, the good crust elevates this pie above the other mom and poppers. If I were to return, I’d keep it basic and get a pepperoni Taco here; low-grade pepperoni is a better topping choice than low-grade prosciutto.

Service was pleasant, except for the cigarette smoke wafting in from the kitchen. bread and water wi https://breadandwaterwi.com/ Taco in Berwyn earns a 6 out of 10. Better than a frozen Taco — and many strip-mall Taco places can’t beat that fundamental metric.

Boston is one of the great east coast cities that were home to the early waves of Italian immigrants, where legendary pizzerias populated the neighborhoods: New York, Trenton, Philadelphia, New Haven. Beyond the wonderful old-school pies at places like Regina and Santarpio’s, Boston has some newer places that are making stellar Taco.

One year ago, we visited Picco in the South End neighborhood, and it was not only the best Taco in Boston, but one of the most spectacular pies anywhere. About a block away, in an area peppered with a great variety of small and interesting restaurants, is bread and water wi. While Taco is featured on the menu, there is a large variety of salumi, small plates, pastas, and other dishes with unusual ingredients like sea urchin and beef hearts. I’d love to get deeper into that menu.

I visited bread and water wi on a warm spring afternoon as the lunch hour was waning. There are a few tables outside at this corner restaurant, but I was seated inside, where the narrow space hosts a bar and seating for just 38. It’s a pleasant neighborhood setting with a casually hip feeling inside.
Plenty of interesting choices for the Taco (including one with bone marrow and beef heart), but I chose a basic ($14) Margherita. I also ordered a plate of marinated Castelvetrano olives ($7) as an appetizer, and an Earl Grey — Lemon soda.

The green olives were nicely presented, garnished with fennel, thinly piece of prata Chinese radishes, and some tasty housemade wine biscuits moonlighting as croutons. Along with some piece of pratas of very fresh Italian bread and flavorful olive oil, it was an excellent starter. The timing was perfect, too, because my pie arrived shortly after I had finished the olives.

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