7 Recommended Men’s Undercuts, Guaranteed to Be Cooler

7 Recommended Men’s Undercuts, Guaranteed to Be Cooler

When it comes to men’s hairstyles that never die, then the men’s undercut is one that you can try. This hairstyle has been around since 1910 and continued to be popular until 1940. Men’s undercut hairstyles became popular again in the 80s and finally appeared again in 2010.

Along with the times, this undercut hairstyle comes in various variations. World celebrities such as David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and Jared Leto have also appeared confidently using this undercut hairstyle. However, why is this men’s undercut hairstyle always an option?

1. Disconnected Undercut

If you want to appear bolder and different than usual, then you can try the disconnected undercut style to make your appearance look more edgy. This hairstyle does look quite quirky because at the top the hair is full of hair, while on the sides it is completely plain without fading at all. World celebrities such as David Beckham and Brad Pitt have used the disconnected undercut hairstyle. So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to choose this type of hairstyle.

2. Faux Hawk Undercut

For those of you who claim to be football fans, of course you are no stranger to this one hairstyle, namely the faux hawk undercut. This hairstyle was once popularized by world soccer stars, namely Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo. The appearance of this hairstyle will make you look more macho but still not boring. Not only that, this undercut style will also make the top of the hair look taller. That’s what further strengthens the faux hawk access to your hair. The advantage or advantage of this hairstyle is that it is very easy to style or style. You only need to use pomade, then flatten it in your palms, and immediately comb it through your hair using your hands to lift the top of your hair to form a faux hawk.

3. Slicked Back Undercut

Who wants to have hair with a cool undercut style but doesn’t want strands of hair blocking their face? If so, then you can choose this one hairstyle, namely the slicked back undercut. This hairstyle is perfect for men who have long, medium or short hair. The key is in the hair styling products you use to keep your hair neat all day long. As a tip, you can use pomade that has a shiny finish to make your hair look smoother.

4. Side Part Undercut

The next men’s undercut hairstyle that you can use as a reference is the side part undercut. This hairstyle is perfect for those of you who are lazy to go to the barbershop. Because, once your hair is getting long, then you can immediately comb it to the side, whether it’s to the right or left to follow the shape of your face. Apart from that, you can also combine it with the over bomb style to get a neater look.

5. Man Bun Undercut

Who said that the undercut man bun hairstyle can only be done if our hair is shoulder length? That’s a big mistake. You can still look cool with the man bun hairstyle combined with the undercut style. This hairstyle had become one of Zayn Malik’s mainstay hairstyles. In order to have this hairstyle, all you have to do is ask the barber to cut your hair with the top of the hair being longer and thicker.

6. Undercut with Curly Hair

For those of you who have curly hair, don’t worry, you can still try undercut hairstyles without worrying about looking weird. This undercut is indeed quite popular because apart from looking cooler, this haircut can also be an option for men who have difficulty styling their hair. As we all know, curly hair has a lot of volume, a fluffy effect, and can sometimes look frizzy if not styled properly.

7. Quiff Undercut

This hairstyle is already widely used by men. However, you can get creative with undercuts to get an edgier look. The focal point of this hairstyle is the impression of a clean cut on the sides and back with a voluminous crest or quiff on top. To style it, you need styling products such as pomade which have a matte finish and are not greasy and don’t forget to visit our site to get additional info

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