5 Typical Madrid Foods You Must Try in the Spanish Capital

5 Typical Madrid Foods You Must Try in the Spanish Capital

There’s no better way to fall in love with a city than through its traditional cuisine. Full meals, appetizers, drinks and sweets: all draw their way into the hearts of tourists. Madrid, the capital of Spain, has its own unique and original dishes that can make living in this city a great journey of gastronomic discovery. Let’s start by listing some of Madrid’s top foods and then move on with tips on where to find the best.

1. «cocido madrileño» (Madrid stew)

Madrid stew is a famous winter dish that has three distinct parts: chowder, chickpeas and meat. This savory and rich dish is easy to find in several restaurants throughout Madrid and has a long history and is loved by many locals’ hearts (and stomachs). The reason is the background. This stew used to be called «olla podrida» (rotten pot), because it was a way of using up all the leftovers from even the driest cuts of meat. Madrid stew comes in three scoops: first the soup and pasta, then the beans and vegetables, and finally the meat. Too good to pass up on a cold winter’s day; make sure you don’t miss it!

2. Madrid Tripes («Callos a la madrileña»)

If you think you can’t stomach it, it’s because you probably haven’t tried it Madrid style. This is indeed an exotic dish. The main ingredient here is tripe – cleaned and blanched very well, then cooked somewhat like a stew, with a thick tomato sauce, potatoes, herbs, chickpeas, ham, Spanish sausage, garlic, lots of shallots and parsley. It is also a dish with a long history and is said to have been eaten in Madrid since the sixteenth century.

3. Madrid-style squid («Bocadillos de calamares»)

For seafood fans, this dish is a must, while in Madrid. Squid has a pretty special texture, and maybe this is another exotic dish, but to be honest, this appetizer is so delicious that it’s hard to even taste the squid in it. Rolled in batter and fried, then topped with light mayonnaise (preferably homemade) and served in sandwiches. For them to be really good, it’s important that the buns are really nice and fresh, and the squid is well drained and cooked.

4. Fried Eggs Madrid Style

This is no joke: the Madrid style fried eggs are something to try. They weren’t just plain eggs, but came with a large portion of hash browns and a large ensemble of Spanish sausages and cold meats (chorizo, chistorra, Spanish ham). It’s a summer dish, and as such, it’s great to enjoy outside. Madrid’s «terrazas» are much better enjoyed together with «huevos estrelados». A definite must try in Madrid. The funny thing about these eggs is that they are usually called “broken eggs” (“huevos rotos”). A last minute Spanish touch: a pinch of paprika on top.

5. Gallinejas

In Spanish, «gallina» means chicken. The funny thing is that there is absolutely no chicken in this dish. The main ingredient is lamb tripe. In order for this traditional dish to taste good and not become a fatty appetizer, tripe must be cleaned and cooked properly. Traditionally, it was the diet of the poor, consisting of butcher’s remains. Nowadays, it is not easy to find it, because of its complicated cooking method and the exotic taste it has when prepared. Fried lamb tripes served with french fries and gravy. Different and quite refreshing, and an authentic part of Madrid fare and don’t forget to visit our site for more interesting information by click here

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