5 Antiques Value Up to Trillions of Rupiah

5 Antiques Value Up to Trillions of Rupiah

It’s so unique, if it’s sold, it’s expensive, it can’t be half-hearted.

In addition to their rare existence, there is hidden value behind these items. Whether it’s the value of the maker or the material of manufacture.

So naturally, collecting antiques is one of the hobbies of rich people. Lha man, the price is really expensive.

There are some antiques for sale at a fantastic price. In fact, these items are the most expensive items in the world that have ever existed according to lakeforestantiquesale

1. Badminton Cabinet – IDR 517 billion

The beauty of this furniture makes it the second most expensive unique item in the world. The Badminton Cabinet was valued at US$ 36 million or Rp. 517 billion in 2004.

Even though this furniture was previously sold for US$ 16.6 million in 1990. It is estimated that the price will reach US$ 1 billion or Rp. 14 trillion in 2064. Gokil.

2. Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci – IDR 442 billion

This book by Leonardo Da Vinci caught Bill Gates’ interest. He also poured up to US$ 30.8 million or Rp. 442 billion to buy the Codex Leicester in 1992.

Uniquely, all the contents of this book are handwritten. It could be that apart from Da Vinci’s popularity, the handwriting on this book is also what makes the price so expensive.

The Codex Leicester itself contains notes accompanied by sketches and diagrams. Using his knowledge of science and art, Da Vinci revealed how fossils were found in mountains. Then what is the nature of water and explains some astronomical theories.

3. Qing Dynasty Jar – IDR 1.01 trillion

Who would have thought that these antiques originating from China were the most expensive items ever sold. This urn was released by a London auction house at a price of 53.1 million pounds sterling or IDR 1.01 trillion to a Chinese billionaire.

It turns out that the high price of this jar lies in the fish and flower carving motifs which are really rare to find. Plus the Chinese emperor’s seal on the jar.

4. White, blue and pink moonflasks – IDR 230 billion

This beautiful porcelain was sold for US$ 16 million or Rp. 230 billion in 1987. Currently it can be found at JJ Lally & Co., New York, United States.

Moonflask porcelain was made between 1736-1795. A pair of pink phoenixes with blue ornaments surrounding them can make anyone who looks at them fall in love in an instant. So, don’t be surprised if the price is extraordinarily expensive.

5. Olyphant Battle Horn – IDR 231 billion

The horn which functioned as a war trumpet was released at a price of US $ 16.1 million or Rp. 231 billion in a closed auction in Europe. The trumpet horns are made of elephant ivory and are carved with animal figures.

The carvings are truly beautiful and very rare to find, making this 11th century trumpet a fantastic selling price.

Those are five antiques that are the most expensive items ever in the world.

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